Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Come on Cimberio!

The adventure of Varese basketball has begun.  For the seventh year in sequence, Cimberio will be the main sponsor of the team, who has been presented in the beautiful background of “Villa Recalcati”, head office of Varese province.
On this occasion and among players, staff, managers and authorities, Roberto Cimberio spoke as main sponsor of the team: “Very few companies have bound its name to a team for so many years: I believe it is time to catch the first victory”.
This is the text of the presentation of our company, which has been surrendered to all participants
“Seven seasons are many.  Seven seasons of sponsoring, of a common path, project and dream.  It was running year 2007 when Cimberio Spa decided to bind its name to Varese basketball: a desired choice, as a result of the immense passion for basketball of its president, Mr. Renzo Cimberio.  Nowadays, after six seasons, we are celebrating the beginning of a new year together: the seventh.  A real record of longevity in the present basketball overview, in a way that it is natural to say “Cimberio Varese” as one word, a duo which made the history of basketball.  Looking back means examine difficult years (a relegation, a season in “Legadue”), but at the same time exciting periods (a promotion in first league at the first attempt, three playoffs, a nearly achieve championship).  Looking ahead means to look into the future with a lot of dreams: our return in Europe is an outcome that push us to go on, because the real goal is to see the banner with Cimberio’s name on the ceiling of PalaWhirlpool.”